Catalog #P044
ReleaseW 20 - 2023
FormatVinyl - EULP
 € 29,99 incl. VAT, excl. shipping


  1. Ilha dos Bruxos
  2. parc a
  3. gentleman
  4. aleijada
  5. tarraxo 001
  6. ngapa
  7. ritual
  8. mar vista
  9. robert johnson
  10. chopper


Ansiedade" expands Dani's signature revolutionary batida, stretching and adding to the template, a true creative breakthrough signalled by the previous "Dia Não Mata Dia" EP. Loose and raw, not conforming to even the commonly accepted non-written rules of the genre, this is forward-thinking songwriting, not mere dance music production.

But the music also looks back to a certain easy going, naked, experimental vibe of the early 2010s, flowing effortlessly through the channels like a warm breeze from the South. Organic percussion points to a very well grounded, intuitive rhythm construction, adding keys, bass, guitar and drums in the spirit of a jam. Vocals come in and out, repeating some mantras in support of the beat, shouting out personal afflictions, revealing a few tense situations.

In "Robert Johnson" we hear "levanta a cabeça / segura". Face things. The music stutters along with conviction, as if demonstrating the fragile nature of such personal decisions. Being inspired by one of the most iconic and irreplaceable names in blues, the song is everything but a simulation of the real thing. It's in fact its own real thing, illuminated by Dani's inner conception of what Robert Johnson represented.

The whole album opens up like a flower, carefully designed musical ideas being its petals, a joyful and intimate compositional experience we actually get to be exposed to. Not sure how to best describe this but we feel the music is forming itself in the very moment we are listening to it. It's quite alive. 

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