Catalog #RH 118 LP
ReleaseW 22 - 2012
FormatVinyl - EU2LP
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  1. Another Sign
  2. A Choice Named Joyce
  3. The Architect
  4. Colors & Colours
  5. Brain Soup
  6. Shells
  7. Water Castle
  8. Night Falls
  9. Animal
  10. Autosea
  11. Swing Home
  12. Déjà Vu


San Proper is the real deal. Somewhat of a street legend even.. Ask anyone crossed paths with him and you will hear the wildest stories. This might be his debut album, but make no mistake, Proper is a hardcore DJ veteran, starting his career DJ'ing small-time gigs in the shadiest bars, six nights a week. True love for music and his unbreakable optimism kept him in the groove. His enthusiasm caught on and slowly but surely he garnered a devoted following. In 2007 he released his first releases for Rush Hour, but his big break came in 2009 when he dropped his now classic single 'Keep It Raw' for Perlon and shot to #1 in Germany's Groove Magazine Top 50. More singles followed and his profile of a must see DJ and pure bred entertainer rose, touring and creating cult followings everywhere from the Japan to South America. Dr. Proper has never been in a hurry, but in the fall of 2011 the time felt right for San to start working on his debut album. Months of rampaging studio sessions followed, writing tracks all over the globe during his frantic touring schedule or in his Amsterdam studio and Paris apartment. The journey finished in Berlin, where he ended up in the studio of Proper believer Ricardo Villalobos who eventually mixed the album, ensuring audiophile bliss. The result is the trippiest of trips. Taking you on a journey inside the twisted brain of a man who has seen it all, and then some, boasting raw emotion and subconscious desires. 'Animal' has its roots in house music, but you will have a hard time categorizing this beast, sounding like a cluster bomb of electronic funk, jazz and psychedelia. Like any good trip there will be some highs and some lows, but man, what a ride...  

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