LabelMAR & SOL
Catalog #MSR 001
ReleaseW 12 - 2018
FormatVinyl - EULP
 € 22,50 incl. VAT, excl. shipping


  1. Ei Se Vous Dance
  2. Nhos Baxa Nhos Panha
  3. Ze Maria
  4. Capataz De Moquero
  5. Ainda Lhe Espero
  6. Mae
  7. Benfica De Tra Cthapeu
  8. Contrato La Banana
  9. Oracao Do Jovem Triste
  10. Mudjer Ca Bo Frontan
  11. Chipetite
  12. Aleluia


Mar & Sol first release Is Aleluia Lp from the Cabo Verde singer Pedrinho. At the time, late 70's, this Lp was one of the biggest successes from Cabo Verde music. Singer Pedrinho moved to Lisbon when he was 18 years old, and recorded this album, the first one of his career.Aleluia was produced in the same street where Mar & Sol is based nowadays, in Rua de S.Bento, Lisbon, Portugal. This street was also where Pedrinho come to live when he arrived in Portugal, like the majority of the musicians and emigrants from the old African Portuguese colonies move at that time, to try a new luck. A big community grew here and these artists got the opportunity to record their own traditional music by the hands of local labels. Now is the time for Mar & Sol to give a new life to all this music, this is the first of many reissues that are coming to start the series of the label.

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