TitleNO. 826 SPRING ISSUE 2020
Catalog #826
ReleaseW 08 - 2020
FormatMagazine - Magazine
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The theme of the spring issue of “Hana Tsubaki” is “SAVE THE BEAUTY OF EARTH”. In recent years, environmental issues have become a major issue in the world. By knowing the current state of the environment from various angles, we aim at a special feature that identifies environmental issues as ourselves and finds opportunities for each and every person to take a consciousness and action toward a sustainable society. On the front cover, Dutch photographer Charlotte Dumas, whose work is about the relationship between animals and humans in modern society, filmed children and animals and the nature of the Dutch city. People are part of nature and capture the importance of living with enrichment. It also introduces the younger generation’s social activities and global initiatives related to sustainability. In addition, the fashion feature “TOKYO STORY” is based on the theme of “shirts,” and proposes individual wearing starting with a single shirt as a sustainable method necessary for wearing your favorite clothes for a long time.
In a series of interviews, we interviewed designer Ryota Iwai, a winner of the Mainichi Fashion Award Newcomer Award and Shiseido Encouragement Award in 2019. In the series “Salon de Bar Hanatsubaki”, we have a food artist Ayako Suwa as a guest and talk with Chara about “food”.

Cover photographer: Charlotte Dumas Born in 1977 in the Netherlands. Currently based in Amsterdam and New York. After graduating from the Helit Rietveld Academy in 2000, he studied visual arts at the Rijks Academy. Throughout his career, he has dealt with the theme of the relationship between humans and animals in modern society, and has published portrait works on animals in various situations, such as police horses, rescue dogs, and animals kept at zoos. Participate in solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in various places, mainly in Europe and the United States.

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