VIRGIN UBIQUITY unreleased recordings 1976-1981 by ROY AYERS

TitleVIRGIN UBIQUITY unreleased recordings 1976-1981
Catalog #RRCD 0026
ReleaseW 04 - 2004
FormatCD - EUCD
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  1. Boogie Down
  2. What's The T?
  3. I Really Love You
  4. Oh What A Lonely Feeling
  5. Sugar
  6. Mystery Of God
  7. Green & Gold
  8. Brand New Feeling
  9. I Did It In Seattle
  10. Music Voyage (version)
  11. I Just Wanna Give It Up
  12. Together Forever
  13. I Am Your Mind


Great 13 track compilation of seventies Roy Ayers material that somehow was still on the shelf and thus never released. The quality of the recordings is superb, as well as the musical content. Downtempo songs with female vocals to die for, jazzy instrumentals and sweaty disco tracks; it's all there! Whether you are into hiphop, jazz, soul, this album could appeal to anyone. Next to Roy Ayers, a selection of the musicians are: Steve Cobb, William Allen, Justo Almario, John Mosley, Sylvia Cox, Merry Clayton, Edwin Birdsong, Harry Whitaker, Bernard Purdie. Big Tip!!

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