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Catalog #MDTT0003 CD
ReleaseW 18 - 2022
FormatCD - EUCD
EAN Barcode8720648038051
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  1. better
  2. days go by
  3. you can make it
  4. trust
  5. better days
  6. sahara
  7. be not afraid
  8. ill fly away
  9. yes i know
  10. wait
  11. yeah yeah yeah


For the past 4 years the band has criss-crossed the Netherlands. Playing sold out shows at clubs, theaters and festivals from north to south, east to west. Capturing the heart and soul of every person there.

All the travelling also has rendered further personal development and awareness of who Michelle David & The True-tones are. We know them as a band that makes every show a soul spectacle with their unique gospel combined with soul, blues, jazz and afrobeat. Now with a new album coming up; 'Truth & Soul’ (29-04-2022) they expanded their musical horizon even more. Dreamy Indie soul with a heavy 70’s vibe mixed with Brazilian flavors and African Rhythms.

Truth & Soul also contains particularly personal duets with Lilian Vieira and Dobet Gnahoré, both well known for their extraordinary musical talent. Knowing who we are enables us to connect even more with those around us.- Michelle. 'You Can Make it' (the first single of the album) features Grammy - Winner Dobet Gnahoré. Hailing from Côte d’Ivoire Dobet Gnahoré is one of Africa’s hottest and most beloved artists.

Michelle: The lyrics are affirmations that should be on REPEAT. In times such as these we need to know we CAN AND WILL MAKE IT!

Tour info 2022:

28 April 2022 Paris (FR), New Morning New Morning, Paris (FR)
29 April 2022 St. Sébastien sur loire, Escall L’Escall, St. Sébastien sur loire (FR)
30 April 2022 Saint Malo (FR), La Nouvelle Vague Saint Malo, La Nouvelle Vague (FR)
6 May 2022 London (UK), Jazz Café London, Jazz Café
20 May 2022 Appingedam, Nicolaïkerk Terug Naar Het Begin Festival
25 June 2022 The Hague, Jazz Flavours Festival Jazz Flavours Festival
1 July 2022 Brouwersdam Concert at Sea
14 July 2022 Odense, King's Garden Odense – King’s Garden
1 September 2022 Arnhem (NL), Luxor Live Arnhem, Luxor Live
10 September 2022 Enschede, Tuckerville Tuckerville
16 September 2022 Leeuwarden (NL), Neushoorn Leeuwarden, Neushoorn
30 September 2022 Den Haag (NL), Paard Den Haag, Paard
6 October 2022 Breda (NL), Mezz Breda, Mezz
7 October 2022 Heerlen (NL), Nieuwe Nor Heerlen, Nieuwe Nor
4 November 2022 Hengelo (NL), Metropool Henglo, Metropool
5 November 2022 Utrecht (NL), Tivoli Utrecht, Tivoli
12 November 2022 Eindhoven (NL), Effenaar Eindhoven, Effenaar
18 November 2022 Nijmegen (NL), Doornroosje Nijmegen, Doornroosje
26 November 2022 Groningen (NL), Oosterpoort Groningen, Oosterpoort
2 December 2022 Malmö (SE), Victoriatern Malmö, Victoriatern
3 December 2022 Malmö (SE), Victoriatern Malmö, Victoriatern
23 December 2022 Amsterdam, Paradiso Paradiso

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