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Catalog #DG 2 004
ReleaseW 40 - 2006
FormatCD - EUCD
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In the summer of 2005, from Dopeness Galore hooked up with the jazz label Timeless to start a project which ended up in this CD: the Timeless interpretations. To shine a new light on Timeless and give people who dont know about the label the chance to re-discover, Dopeness Galore connected with the finest contemporary producers who were given the freedom to create this LP as free and versatile as the word interpretation can be interpret. I.N.T. starts things up with the atmosphere of Dopeness Galores city, featuring Richs deep voice explaining time. Kev Brown, known for productions for Jazzy Jeff, De La Soul and Biz Markie, mashes up Batidas Vera Cruz raw and soulfully, while also blessing the mic for that classic uncut hiphop action. Traveling through the Politiks (who are Mark de Clive-Lowe & Bembe Seque) down tempo jazz banger, the next stop is Domus heavy fender Rhodes broken beat action. Domu is mostly known for his remix work for labels such as Ninja Tune, 2000 Black, Compost a.o. Wouda (Dopeness Galore) jams away with Johnny Griffin creating his own deep pumpwork. Now its Africa in the house with Jacob Malik Ladder, who drops an atmospheric afrobeat vibe with that distinguished Kid Sublime feel. Then its Rich Medinas (Jill Scott, Weldon Irvine, Platinum Pied Pipers) turn to provide a typical and catchy soul cut I Cry, touching Lilian Boutts I cried for you. I.N.T. (La Melodia, Stones Throw, Nod Navigators) lets you move through Chet Bakers convoluted landscapes in his own jazzed up boogie way. An uptempo jazz anthem comes from John Arnold, who played as a guitarist in Amp Fiddlers band. Alex Attias is going back to his earlier Mustang period, with a minimal techno take on Art Blakeys Kenjis Walk. After Rich concludes on Timelessness over Woudas samba beat from the past, Elsas (production for dutch legend Extince) closes the album In Time with his soulful bossa nova interpretation of Leny Andrade. Check!

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