CD Version
Catalog #SSCD 002
ReleaseW 15 - 2005
FormatCD - USCD
Benelux exclusive, Import
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The first output from Sound Signature for 2005 is this 12 track CD. Most of these will be released on vinyl in the coming year. The first track is by Hanna (Nepenta, Trackmode etc), a spheric house cut with a vocal sample and tweaked keywork. The second track comes by TOM is a collaboration between Theo, Omar-S and Marcellus Pittman; a minimal track centered around the bassline & beats. On the third track Jerry the Cat, percussionist for Theo, KDJ and Recloose hooks up with Genevieve ( who did vocals for Recloose's 'Ain't changing' track). The result here is a beautiful percussive track with lots of changes throughout. The fourth track is by an artist called Incahoots. His track centers around a vocal sample from Gil Scott Heron's voice, has percussion and has keys added after the break. On the fifth track, guitarist Duminie Deporres, another new artist on Sound Signature, works together with Umar Bin Hassan from The Last Poets, adding a strong vocal delivary. The sixth track is a short jam by The Rotating Assembly with funky as h*ll keywork! On the seventh track Howard Thomas comes with a deep, minimal house track with tight bass, percussion and sounds. The 8th track is by detroit's Piranha featuring Angelique Brown; a midtempo vocal house track with a solid rhythm section and prominent keys. Theo Parrish himself does the ninth track on this CD which is all about the interaction between the rhythm section and the bassline ( Stevie Wonder's 'Master Blaster'). 'Him 5', does the 10th track here; a short, lush interlude with easy guitar playing. The 11th track by Green Pickles is an offbeat house track with easy keys and deep vocals by Bill Beaver. The last track coming from 3Chairs member Marcellus Pittman, has an acid theme going that has sounds and strings added to. All 'n all a very versatile CD that gives a promising clue to what this label is about to put out in the coming year. Recommended!

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