Catalog #FT 018 CD
ReleaseW 18 - 2014
FormatCD - USCD
EAN Barcode8717127019656
 € 14,99 incl. VAT, excl. shipping


  1. No!
  2. Spezi
  3. Swimmers Groove
  4. Running Over
  5. Easy On The Eyes
  6. New Balance
  7. Cool "Disco" Dan
  8. Joyride
  9. Dream Track
  10. Gettysburg
  11. Big Coast


Future Times is very happy to present Son, the debut full-length release from Beautiful Swimmers! Strictly 4 The Freaks! Featuring the highly sought-after 'Big Coast'& 'Swimmers Groove' tracks...HUGE ol TIP!!!!Nine new tracks and two out-of-print classics from the duo of Ari Goldman and Andrew Field-Pickering (aka Maxmillion Dunbar) that ride together across this CD. The word "son" calls to mind images of a family, a lineage. And DC's chillest have crafted an album that represents, more fully than anything on the label prior, a Future Times sound. Tropical, outsider, deep, whatever...this is, more than anything else, a showcase for The Vibe. This is that FT shit in your speakers. "Son" is also a casual phrase of excitement, a way to remain cool while having your mind blown; it's that wide-eyed look from across the room at a party, pointed at the crew, when the drums come in and smush everything in the vicinity. The sonics on the CD conjure that, too. Son is a true trip, an hour in the zone that sounds like everything in the duo's record bags happening at once. They're letting it all flow, whether it's real-life skills and improvisation (the grown DX bedroom jazz of "Spezi"), collage (the wrong-speed Italian funk and 808 thrill of "Joyride"), or dancefloor knowledge (the utter euphoria of "Running Over", "Swimmers Groove" and "Big Coast"). Elsewhere, "Easy On The Eyes" sounds like an interlude that barely survived the quiet storm. "Cool 'Disco' Dan" swings and slaps. Those expecting the album to stay Beach Ball the whole time will be flattened by the hallucinogenic, borderline-Mego sound design of "Gettysburg" and by "Dream Track," a cold, articulate slice of the paranoid life. And the voices don't stop. "No!" sounds like Yello arguing amongst themselves. Found sounds and vocal experiments from the Swimmers themselves chime in on almost every track, adding a strange dose of humanity to the whole affair, more like Zoolook-era Jean-Michel Jarre than ubiquitous sampled divas, who must be so tired by now. But above all, every song sounds like the Swimmers. Son is, at its essence, a place where two music freaks managed to fine-tune every sound around them in an attempt to keep summer truly endless. Get in there with them.

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