Catalog #ADCD 001
ReleaseW 23 - 2010
FormatCD - UKCD
EAN Barcode5024545597721
Benelux exclusive, Import
 € 13,50 incl. VAT, excl. shipping


  1. Lukid - Pleurisy
  2. Jay Prada - Ninas Strut
  3. Tapes - Oberheimer
  4. Slow Hand Motem - Love Is The New Evil
  5. Clause Four - Daze
  6. Mike Slott - Musics Fun
  7. Coco Bryce - The Cliché
  8. Slugabed - Clunk Clunk
  9. Crackazat - Party In The Clouds
  10. Bnjmn - Its Not A Joint
  11. Rekordah - Candy Flossin
  12. Professor Ojo - Focus
  13. Metske - Isotopic
  14. Subeena - Rakeeh
  15. Lower - Heartbroken
  16. The Blessings - Lungebob


Astro:Dynamics launches in style with a 16 track compilation of previously unreleased material from a rich variety of some of the most critically acclaimed and massively talented electronic musicians operating in the world today.Lukid’s ‘Pleurisy’ provides a lesson in the beauty of subtlety n a par with his greatly influential albums for Werk Discs. Tapes’ gloriously lo‐fi ‘Oberheimer’ follows on from his recent Jahtari EP that won fans from far and wide, including Radiohead’s Thom Yorke. Mike Slott crams funk and emotion into the short but saccharine‐sweet ‘Music’s Fun’. Slugabed’s ‘Clunk Clunk’ demonstrates perfectly how and why he has become a name on so many peoples lips in the past few months, with the Brighton‐based Planet Mu producer showing his dexterity for face‐melting bass experimentation and astral eccentricity. The Blessings (LuckyMe / Nod Navigators) continue their ascent into the stratosphere with the inclusion of ‘Lungebob’. Following his highly-praised collaborative Ep with Teebs for Svetlana Industries, the mysterious Jackhigh provides ‘It’s Not A Joint’, operating under one of his many aliases, Bnjmn. The line-up also includes music from Subeena, Jay Prada (LuckyMe), Clause Four (DC Recordings / Jahtari), and debut efforts from young up‐and‐comers Crackazat and Lower. A notable representation of the much-hyped synthetic funk sound of Skweee comes in the form of tracks from Metske, Slow Hand Motem, and Coco Bryce, who have all released on the style’s two heavily respected core imprints, Flogsta Danshall and Harmönia. And of course there is a track from the compiler and label‐owner, Rekordah. In the wake of such influential and era‐defining compilations as Rush Hour’s ‘Beat Dimensions’ and Up My Alley’s Beatnicks series, ‘Astro:Dynamics’ looks set to act as a unique snapshot of the wide diversity and deep creativity in electronic music today. Cementing a strong first impression, with blogs and online magazines such as Fact and Sonic Router already buzzing with anticipation, the Astro:Dynamics label is sure to have a bright future ahead.

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