Catalog #RH 110 CD
ReleaseW 02 - 2010
FormatCD - EU3CD
EAN Barcode8717127016488
 € 18,50 incl. VAT, excl. shipping


  1. Mood Swing
  2. Live For Friction
  3. Plugged In
  4. Here, There and Nowhere
  5. Arise
  6. The Floor Filler
  7. Happy To Be Here
  8. March Into Darkness
  9. Breathe Deep
  10. Electron Rider
  11. Stereotype
  12. Detroit State Of Mind
  13. Fact Of The Matter
  14. Roaming
  15. One Beat (Just Wont Do)
  16. Mr. Gone Is Back Again
  17. Perseverence
  18. ...Like A Dream
  19. My Computer Is An Optimist
  20. Simpatico
  21. Travellers
  22. Things Come and Go
  23. The Fake Left, Go Right Plan
  24. Assimilated
  25. Spectre
  26. The Other One
  27. For The Lamented
  28. Frictionalized
  29. Lay Back In The Cut
  30. Psychotic Tango
  31. Your Little Black Robot
  32. Fractional Beat Nr 5
  33. Fenchie
  34. Get A Feeling
  35. The Old Way


Rush Hour is proud to present a compilation of Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir’s best work from his own Frictional label (and some choice output from 7th City) over the past 15 years. This limited edition 4x12” set comes with an exclusive two track 7” (only available with this pack). Released 2 months in advance of the 3CD/Digital formats…The label Shake started brought us some of the deepest, funkiest and most diverse techno of it’s time and has been surprisingly overlooked by many. After a few years hiatus, Shake is now back and will be recording and releasing on Frictional again soon. This compilation includes all of the classics like “Arise”, “Frictionalized”, “Get A Feeling”, “My Computer Is An Optimist” “The Floor Filler”, as well as an unreleased track “The Other One”. All tracks have been carefully re-mastered, breathing new life into the original recordings.

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