CD Version
Catalog #FR 2010-01
ReleaseW 38 - 2010
FormatCD - EUCD
Benelux exclusive, Exclusive, Import
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  1. Nah Endlich
  2. Isagoge
  3. Maitre des disques
  4. Struggle for Atari
  5. Mass
  6. Sidewalk surfers and eccentric dancers
  7. 2nd of june
  8. interlude - drumtracks that numb your ear off
  9. Ce coir
  10. Sophie Lascombe
  11. Bose
  12. Nostos e algos
  13. To concentrate, to become exhausted
  14. B-boy Mardigrass
  15. Beyond good and evil
  16. Vlad tepes
  17. Tapeking_membus_proslogion
  18. Prelude to klappiebammm!


Dutch record-label Fremdtunes presents Fremdkunst: b-beats & soundscapes a project initiated by Dutch producer/DJ Mace. Fremdkunst is a blend of hard-hitting beats, funky tunes, and cinematographic soundscapes – a combination of jazz, surf, old school house, hip-hop, break-beats and and other musical styles. To complete the first official Fremdkunst album Mace worked with DJ's Optimus and Vindictiv (Grazzhoppa’s DJ Big Band), Erwin Vann, Mete Erker, Shycop and others !Fremdtunes is a new Dutch independent record-label, focusing mainly on instrumental producer-based music, from dub to rare groove to electro. Danceable music with beats that move both the crowd and critics. Fremdtunes’ first official release is the album Fremdkunst. Fremdkunst was initially released independently in 2007 (in a very limited pressing) and is re-released in a new and revamped style - both musically and visually. Fremdkunst was the main inspiration for starting Fremdtunes, so it’s only right that this album is the label’s first release. Other projects to be released will include music by OptiMace, Coco Bryce, DJ Optimus (ft El da Sensei, Rasco, Prince Po, Rise, Mo & Grazz and others), Kid Sundance, Kelpe (ovb) and Solo Moderna. Earlier this year Fremdtunes released the free download EP Fremdvibes by Says Who? & DJ Vindictiv and Fremdkunst resonance by DJ Mace and others.

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