AOR GLOBAL SOUNDS VOL 1 1977 -1982 by V/A

TitleAOR GLOBAL SOUNDS VOL 1 1977 -1982
Catalog #FVR 108CD
ReleaseW 45 - 2015
FormatCD - EUCD
EAN Barcode3760179353327
Benelux exclusive, Import
 € 15,50 incl. VAT, excl. shipping


  1. Erik Tagg - Got To Be Lovin You
  2. Nohelani Cupriano - Lihue
  3. Diane Tell - Je Suis En Amour
  4. Junior Mendes - Rio Sinal Verde
  5. Lorendana Berte - In Alto Mare
  6. Ulla - Space Lady
  7. Placa Luminosa - Neon
  8. Paul Hart - Peppermint Park


Nice soulful disco compilation from the french Favorite label !Following the recent success of French Disco Boogie Sounds, DJ and producer Charles Maurice is back on Favorite Recordings, this time engaging a musical World tour, in the search of hidden productions with a touch of AOR style. The result is AOR Global Sounds, a new compilation made of 8 forgotten and rare tracks produced between 1977 and 1982 in all parts of the globe. At the end of the 70s, many artists over the world were deeply influenced by AOR’s famous stars such as Steely Dan and his classic Aja LP, looking to reach the same attention to sound production and details, and this specific Westcoast style mixing together Pop-Rock standards, with Soul (sometime Disco) and Jazz influences. From Erik Tagg in Netherlands, and Ulla in Poland, to Diane Tell in Quebec, and Nohelani Cypriano in Hawaï, Charles Maurice found a real link between these 8 great songs and artists, in their music clearly infused with this special AOR touch, in a Soulful and Disco way. This perfect soundtrack for the summer has been fully remastered from original versions.

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