CD Version
Catalog #VAMPI 205 CD
ReleaseW 04 - 2020
FormatCD - EUCD
EAN Barcode8 435008 863586
 € 19,99 incl. VAT, excl. shipping


  1. Desencanto - Contraviento
  2. Tras Tus Ojos - Jaime Roos Y Estela Magnone
  3. De Los Relojeros - Eduardo Darnauchans
  4. Kabumba - Hugo Jasa
  5. El Chi-li-ban-dan - Eduardo Mateo
  6. En Este Momento - Travesía
  7. Capítulos - Mariana Ingold
  8. Llamada Insólita - La Escuelita
  9. Y El Tiempo Pasa - Hugo Jasa
  10. Bombinhas - Leo Masliah Y Jorge Cumbo
  11. A Ustedes - Fernando Cabrera


Let's face it. Especially this last decade so many new archival compilations were thrown at the record buying public (which is ultimately a good thing - don't get us wrong - there's always room for more music) that by now it's virtually impossible to still come up with something new or cover new ground. The infamous Vampisoul imprint has done just that with 'America Invertida', an essential collection of rare Uruguayan music from the eighties.

While the music of larger neighbouring countries like Brazil and (to a lesser degree) Argentina has been documented extensively, there has always been a shortage of good Uruguayian music on the market, even though we knew it was out there somewhere. That's what makes 'America Invertida' a true treasure chest with glistering diamonds and other precious gems that have been hiding under the surface for decades.

Opener 'Desencanto' sets the tone perfectly, starting out as an ethereal folky groover that slowly moves further into bossa territory. It's followed by the stunning 'Tras Tus Ojos' by Estela Magnone and Jaime Roos - a beautifully intricate and wonderfully groovy slowstepper with breathtaking ethereal shoegaze-avant-la-lettre vocals (think Slowdive and Lush five years before they even existed). A song so beautiful it would be worth getting the album for alone, but there are no weak moments on this stellar comp. Things get a bit more psychedelic with 'De Los Relojeros' and 'Kabumba' before the unmistakingly eighties smoothness kicks in on the B-side with 'Llamada Insolita' and 'Y el Tiempo Pasa'. Another undisputed highlight is the chilling 'A Ustedes' by Fernando Cabrera, a menacing minimalist statement that ends in a dark haze of haunting choir vocals. 'America Invertida' is an absolutely flawless and amazingly accomplished work of art opening the gate to a beautiful, largely unknown musical landscape that's waiting to be rediscovered


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