Catalog #48DSR/STR-CD1
ReleaseW 21 - 2004
FormatCD - EUCD
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  1. All Night Long
  2. No Luv
  3. Aedena
  4. Drexion Caves
  5. Todas Las Noches
  6. Los Catos Ll Oros
  7. Raise Up
  8. Creeping Thru Lower Levels
  9. Icing On The Bitch Ho
  10. Saliva
  11. Manowar
  12. Mischa (Italo Remix)
  13. No Tocar


This compilation presents the very best of $tinkworx released so far, for the first time on cd, from almost all out-of-print 12 releases. The compilation presents very early works, from the first two 7 singles, released on their own Down Low label, the now worldwide recognized underground techno outlet. Already both those releases caught a lot of attention and were later on even twice re-released by Rush Hour, as well as by the XL-label related Platinum Projects-label. Also on this compilation are four tracks from out-of-print releases of The Hagues Bunker label, and Rotterdams Keynote label. These tracks, all together with newer tracks from his three 12 releases on Delsin, making it the complete overview of the works of $tinkworx so far. Especially for this occasion, all tracks are fully re-mastered by electrofunk king Dexter (Klakson]. Please now enjoy the electrodisco sounds of $tinkworx. With his sounds along the lines of Drexciya, Metro Area, Dopplereffekt, Daniel Wang and others. Another essential Delsin release!!

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