TitleVOL 3 NUMBER 10
Catalog #VOL 3 NUMBER 10
ReleaseW 33 - 2023
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"House music is ageless. As anyone who has been to a Faith party will know. We pay homage to this through Floorplan, Detroit legend Robert Hood and his daughter Lyric, who we are honoured to have gracing our cover. But just as important to us at Faith are the rising stars that are the bedrock of this culture like Kitty Amor, Paraminda and Moxie.

As we have always done, we show our love and appreciation of innovative trailblazers from back in the day whose shoulders we stand on, from Queer Nation London's club gang where Horsemeat Disco's Luke Howard began, to New York's pioneering DJ and edit genius Walter Gibbons. Like the dub tucked away on the import double pack that we explore in this issue, alongside a rare deep interview with Francois K, we will always stay niche. In a world of increasing vacuousness that will always be our role.  

Elsewhere we get to know the exciting talent of Zach Witness who comes to House from a regional perspective in this case Dallas Boogie the frenetic, body rhythmic Southern dance sound of his hometown. Also GIDEÖN whose new label HOMO-Centric Records is a paean to House music’s queer roots and a tribute to those lost to AIDS.


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