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ReleaseW 10 - 2011
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  1. Spastik
  2. Marbles
  3. Plasticene
  4. Circles
  5. Slinky


17 years of Richie Hawtin's alter ego Plastikman in one super-limited, luxurious box comprising 11 CDs, 1 DVD, a 64-page book plus a download code for additional material!Richie Hawtin's return to the stage as Plastikman in 2010 proved that his best-known alias is as innovative and as relevant as ever. Hawtin has taken Plastikman's most classic material, originally released between 1993 and 2003, and reworked it for a truly live performance accompanied by mind-bending, synchronized visuals-a sound and light show like no other, one that collapses the distance between present-day festivals and the uncompromisingly underground warehouse parties of the mid '90s. For many attendees, this is their first taste of Plastikman. Since 2003, Hawtin has been far better known simply as Richie Hawtin, the celebrated DJ and mastermind behind the Minus label. Some fans today were still infants when Plastikman's acid ripple first began streaming from Hawtin's basement studio in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. For long-time devotees and new fans alike, Hawtin now presents Plastikman's Arkives, a comprehensive box set that pulls together all 17 years of the Plastikman story so far, including remastered versions of all six previously released Plastikman albums and a trove of rarities, unreleased sessions and new material. Arkives, which is a strictly limited, made-to-order edition -only as many copies will be manufactured as have been pre-ordered. Arkives Reference, the main personalized edition, features 11 CDs and 1 DVD. The deluxe packaging includes a slipcase with foldout sleeves for all 12 discs, plus a 64-page book that tells the Plastikman story in archival photos and a newly commissioned text. The set includes newly remastered versions of all six previously released Plastikman albums-Sheet One, Musik, Recycled Plastik, Consumed, Artifakts (B.C.), and Closer-and five further CDs of rare and unreleased material: Rekonstruktions collects Plastikman's classic and hard-to-find remixes for other artists, including La Funk Mob, System 7, New Order, Depeche Mode, Hardfloor, and even an unreleased remix of his own Robotman project. Replikants features all-new remixes specially commissioned for the project, in which Hawtin's influences and heroes rework Plastikman's back catalog. Reaching far beyond the world of techno, the disc features luminaries such as Vince Clarke, Cliff Martinez, François Kevorkian, Moby, Chris & Cosey, Severed Heads, Flood, and Mute's Daniel Miller & Gareth Jones. Two further CDs contain previously unreleased material. One features the never-before heard, complete recording session from which "Spastik" emerged, along with an unreleased John Peel in-studio live session. Still more previously unreleased Plastikman material follows on the second of these CDs, including the soon-to-be-released single "Slinky." Finally, Nostalgik collects rare, out-of-print, vinyl-only editions and bonus Plastikman tracks. In addition to the CDs, Optik is a DVD of classic & rare Plastikman videos plus previously unreleased footage of Plastikman live at Glastonbury, 1995 and Plastikman live at Mutek, Montreal, 2003. Arkives Reference also includes a digital download code redeemable at, which will unlock additional material not included on the CDs (or other Arkives editions), insuring that each collector receives the most complete Plastikman Arkives to date. Just as Hawtin and his crew used to cap admission to their underground parties, Arkives' edition will be strictly limited to the pre-orders received. It's a once in a lifetime chance to experience the full sweep of Plastikman's journey so far. Track listings: CD1 - sheet one Drp Plasticity Gak Okx Helikopter Glob Plasticene Koma Vokx Smak Ovokx CD 2 - musik Konception Plastique Kriket Fuk Outbak Ethnik Plasmatik Marbles Lasttrak Plastique (Short Video Mix) Plastique (Medium Mix) CD 3 - recycled plastik Krakpot Oldskool Spaz Naturalistik Elektrostatik Elektrix Gak (Remix) Sickness Panikattack Kiropraktor Spastik (Original Version) CD 4 - artifakts(bc) Korridor Psyk Pakard Hypokondriak Psykik Rekall Skizofrenik Are Friends Electrik Logikal Nonsense Konstant CD 5 - consumed Contain Consume Passage (in) Cor Ten Convulse (sic) Ekko Converge Locomotion In Side Consumed Passage (out) CD 6 - closer Ask Yourself Mind Encode Lost Disconnect Slow Poke (Twilight Zone Mix) Headcase Ping Pong Mind in Rewind I Don't Know Disconnect (Single Edit) Digital Divide CD 7 - nostalgik PK Krossover (Fuse vs. Plastikman) Snark Acquatik Plinkplonk Kink Plonker Afrika Hump Circles PKamb Risk Assessment CD 8 - sessions (excl. to Reference) Spastik Sessions (part 1) Spastik Sessions (part 2) Spastik Sessions (clap break) Spastik Sessions (snares & clap) Spastik Sessions (snare out-takes) Spastik Sessions (rides) Spastik Sessions (rides & snares) Spastik Sessions (ending effects) Spastik Sessions (original version) Spastik Sessions (dubfire rework) Peel Sessions (pp001) Peel Sessions (dubfunk) Peel Sessions (helikopter) Peel Sessions (manik) Live at Spastik (slak & kriket) Live at Transcendance (Spastik) CD 9 - arkives (excl. to Reference) Fokus (NYC Sessions) Korruption (Musik Sessions) Baktrak (Artifakts Sessions) First, Last & Always (Closer Sessions) Pakard (Discontinued Model Version) Sekluded (Closer Sessions) Snarkish (1996) Slinky (1995) RakJakTak (Sheet One Sessions) Tom Tom (1995) Close (Consumed Sessions) Akoustik (2008 Experiment) Monkee (1995) Disconnect (First Version) Inside U feat. Nancy Drew (Closer Sessions) Ekko (Full Unedited Version Consumed) Reso Bridge (Closer Sessions) Collapse (Consumed Sessions) Compress (Consumed Sessions) optik dvd (excl. to Reference) Ask Yourself (Video) Closer Album Trilogy Short Film (Incl. Mind Encode/Lost/Disconnect) Converge (Video) Skizofrenik (Video) Plastique (Video) Glastonbury 1995 Displaced Short Film Epok TV Commercial CD 10 - rekonstruktions Motorbass Get Funked Up | Elektrophonk Remix | La Funk Mob Hypnofreek | Plastikman Remix | Robotman Do Da Doo | Plastikman's Acid House Remix | Robotman Painkiller | Plastikman Remix | Depeche Mode Blueprint | Slakked Plastik Remix | Attica Blues One to One Religion | Space Funk Remix | Bomb the Bass Alpha Wave | Plastikman's Acid House Remix Edit | System 7 Blue Monday | Plastikman Remix | New Order Alpha Wave | Plastikman's Acid House Remix | System 7 Into the Nature | Plastikman Remix | Hardfloor Don't Laugh | Richie Hawtin Remix | Winx Rock 2 House | Plastikman's Acid House Remix | X-Press 2 Baby Kate | Plastikman Remix | Heartthrob Vikram the Vampire | South of Detroit Mix | Talvin Singh CD 11 - replikants Pakard | Flood's See You on the Other Side Remix Ask Yourself | Cliff Martinez Remix Are Friends Electrik? | Daniel Miller & Gareth Jones Convertible Remix Sheet One | Sheets 'N' Blankets Crazy Sheet Sould Center Variation Disconnect | Alva Noto Remodel I Don't Know | Carter Tutti Remix Are Friends Electrik? | Kazuya Nagaya Remix Elektrostatik | Vince Clarke Remix Edit Mind Encode | Severed Heads Remix Mind Rewind | Carl Craig Minus Meditation Movement Mix (Hawtin Edit) Prototype | Peter Namlook Reinterpretation Lodgikal Nonsense | Matthew Dear's False Remix Gak | Gaiser's Oozing Through Windsor Tunnel Remix I Don't Know | Psyche's Haunted Whisper Remix Akoustik | Francois K Electro Akoustik Remix Glob | Hobo's Acid Mix Mind In Rewind | Steve Bicknell Lost Remix Plasticity | Dubfire Remix Krakpot | Moby Remix Ping Pong | Ambivalent's Consumed by Pongs Remix Oedipus Komplex | Heartthrob Rework Disconnect | Gaiser's Out of Touch Remix Plastique | Mathew Jonson's Togarashi Remix Ask Yourself vs. Headcase | Fabrizio Maurizi's Reply Yourself Remix Consume | Ambivalent's Midnight Call Remix Disconnect | Alexi Delano & Alejandro Sab Plot Remix Elektrostatik | Vince Clarke Remix Headcase | Marc Houle Remix Kriket | Derek Plaslaiko Remix Mind Rewind | Carl Craig Minus Meditation Movement Mix Oldskool | Magda's Around Your Head Remix Ping Pong | Skoozbot Remix Ping Pong | Ambivalent's Consumed by Pongs Remix Mind Rewind | Ryan Crosson Remix Elektrostatik | Skoozbot's PLUS8100 Remix Ethnik | Paco Osuna's PLUS8100 Remix Goo | Paco Osuna's PLUS8100 Remix Kriket | Danilo Vigorito's PLUS8100 Remix Helikopter | Green Velvet Remix

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