At Rush Hour we are always looking for people to strengthen our team.

If you are interested in working with us you can send your CV, including your motivation (plus current and all time top 10 of favorite tunes or albums) to work with us to: boyq @

Please keep in mind the following:
- You are based in or around Amsterdam.
- You are passionate about music and understand the importance of record stores.
- You have deep knowledge of music with an understanding and appreciation for the music that lies at the heart of our operation from our beginning (i.e Detroit techno, UK techno, Chicago and New York house and US disco). In the 25+ years of our existence we’ve branched out in all directions, embracing a wide array of styles and genres including jazz, soul, funk, hiphop, Brazilian music, music from the African continent, new wave, reggae, drum ’n’ bass, ambient and the more experimental side of electronic music.
- You are computer literate and you’re able to work well with social media (understanding the technical side as well as it's marketing potential).
- You are an open-minded person with excellent communication skills and appreciate the importance of working in a team.
- You are willing to pour your heart and soul into our mission: sharing our love for great music from the past, present and future with the world.

Open positions

Store // sales (3 - 4 days a week, Mo-FR + weekend)
1. You are a keen follower of current music being released and stay up to date on a daily or weekly level.
2. You have a passion for helping customers and find selling good music to a wide range of people appealing.
3. You want to support independent music at a a grass roots level. Record stores are still a breeding ground for so many exciting developments in music.
4. This is a retail/store job. Our business relies on us selling records and related goods. We need keen, bright and pro-active members of our team to achieve this.

Distribution // sales (3 - 4 days a week, Mo - Fr)
1. You speak and write fluent Dutch and have very good English skills (this is an international department with worldwide customers and non Dutch colleagues).
2. You have a strong passion for sales and find dealing with independent stores & record labels an exciting challenge.
3. You have good computer skills such as using spreadsheets & have database experience. Please Note: This is an office based job not located at the record store.
4. You want to grow in a sales position as your main occupation.

We’d love to hear from you!