These are high quality, highly functional turntable weights made from stainless steel and designed specifically for DJs and audiophiles. They help to stabilize ALL vinyl formats.

This is the only product of its type. An all-new, patented design that is the ultimate product for both the gigging DJ and discerning home listener. Each of the BREAKAWEIGHTS are double-sided. One side is flat for use with 12" and other small hole records. The other side has a perfectly sized 45 adapter built into the weight, allowing stabilization of your 7''s.

Turntable weights, aka disc stabilizers, have long been in use though mostly for in-home use by vinyl audiophiles trying to get the most fidelity out of their playback set-up. Turntable weights are placed over the spindle of your player and add downward pressure to your record.

helps to flatten warps, allowing less than ideals copies of 7''s and 12"s to be played, back-cued and handled with ease.

helps stabilize the record, helping to minimize or alleviate vibrations and feedback,

helps increase clarity and accuracy to sonic reproduction.

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