The hearing protection Pacato 19 offers an average protection of 19 dB. Because of the music filter, this hearing protection is suitable for festivals and music. The Pacato earbuds are made of very soft silicone for a pleasant and good fit. The size is M/L

The Pacato 19 earbuds are delivered very complete. In the folding box:

– Set pacato hearing protection including filters (removable)
– Instructions
– Aluminum tube with a key ring and rubber plug ring

The seal ensures the easy opening and closing of tube and also has a sealing effect.

Clean the earplugs after each use, to remove earwax and possibly other dirt. The earbuds can be cleaned with damp wipes or antibacterial cleaning wipes. If you remove the filter from the earplug, the earplug can also be cleaned with soap or cleaning tablets.

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 € 16,99