Live at the BBQ - Rush Hour Store Broadcast

On Friday June 14th we welcome you to join us for another Vinyl Factory recording in our basement with the Live at the BBQ crew Birdguy, Garnett and Naima from 5-7pm!

The ever-evolving music-centred initiative started out in 2007 as a club night (down the road from the RH store) at the Bitterzoet before going on to operate across multiple venues across Amsterdam and beyond. With its new family members (who will be sharing music with us on the 14th) the collective have gone on to host movie screenings, community gatherings all whilst maintaining their strong presence in Amsterdam nightlife.

They’ll be sharing records that epitomise the Live at the BBQ approach and we can’t wait to host them for a cosy gathering in our basement during their mix recording. So swing by the basement on the 14th and see you then!