B. Cool-Aid at Rush Hour Store

The Pressure is on! 
B. Cool-Aid live in town on November 10th. 

Consisting out of Pink Siifu and Ahwlee (pronounced Ali) B. Cool-Aid were responsible for, possibly, the best record of the year: Leather Blvd.. Get the record here 
You’ll be able to get a taste of what it is like at Leather Blvd. from 18:00 on at Rush Hour Store with the crew and the records/merch.  

For the full experience, they will play from 22:00 onwards at Skatecafe Amsterdam in
a full band appearance with the members:

Pink Siifu (Mc - sampler)  @pinksiifu
Ahwlee (DJ - sampler) @ahwlee_
Mekala Session (drums) @mickey.maestro 
Bryan Hargrove (keys) @b_theory 

A night packed; the live Leather Blvd. experience and a full night of music afterwards (22:00-03:00) 

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Friday November 10th. 
Skatecafe Amsterdam 



@charmaineleyden & @wrongsal 

Dick & Dick:

@rushhourstore Crew 
All night long


@heatamsterdam presents:

Artwork by @dirqiedirq 

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