denis mpunga & paul k - remixed - music from memory - vinyl

MFM 023 - 97742 - eulp - €16.99

New Copy

Genre: Techno / Electro

1 KWE!! (Prins Emanuel Remix)
2 Intermezzo B (Dazion's Turtle Maraca Remix)
3 Funyaka (Androo's Romantic Dub )
4 Veronika (Tolouse Low Trax Remix)
5 Veronika V02
6 Intermezzo 2(Interstellar Funk Remix)

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MFM's curious and utterly killer Afro/Belgian electronic project gets the re-whip by a bunch of current producers. The EP also includes the previously unreleased, Veronika V02 (a synth bass heavy version of the compilation track, Veronika 02).