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phantom band / linear johnson & the protons / drums off chaos - stollwerck single - emotional rescue - vinyl

ERC 044 - 97383 - uk7' - €14.99

New Copy

Genre: Wave / Pop / Rock

1 Phantom Band/Linear Johnson & The Protons - Rush Rush
2 Drums Off Chaos - Drums Off Chaos

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Emotional Rescue presents a limited edition 7 with two songs that while not featuring on the Stollwerck Sampler reissue (ERC026), make a unique piece together as they are focused around the legendary drumming of Jaki Liebezeit.

Coming out of the European Free Jazz movement of the mid-60s, by the end of decade Liebezeit had moved towards psychedelic realms of rock and alongside Irmin Schmidt, Holger Czukay, Michael Karoli and David C. Johnson formed the pioneering 'Krautrock' band, Can, in 1968. His unique half-man, half machine metronome style was integral to the band's development and success throughout the following decade, a centre-piece to their sound as they became acclaimed international stars. With the slow hiatus that engulfed Can in 1980 each member went on to work on new projects. For Leibezeit, this saw him team up with guitarist Dominik Von Senger to form Phantom Band. Releasing just 3 albums, each are highly regarded, encompassing an extension of latter-day Can's funky-jazz fusion with metronomic rock and experimenting with African rhythms. Out of this came the Von Senger led Dunkelziffer (ERC007/8/9), all centered around the warehouse art spaces of Stollwerck. When the recordings for a special Sampler album bought together various artists and bands based in the space it was logical that Liebezeit would be heavily involved. The Sampler's LP collage of post-punk, krautrock, dub and avant-garde music saw many unusual collaborations and this limited 7 presents two such pieces, including the first ever recording of his drum ensemble, Drums Off Chaos. First, Phantom Band team up with the unknown Linear Johnson & The Protons. A mixture of krautrock meets 50s USA rock'n'roll delivery makes for a wondefully odd combination, but the interplay between drums and Von Senger's guitar marry with R&B vocals to jovial perfection. On the flip, here then are the beginnings of Liebezeit's Drums Off Chaos. Some 5 minutes of pure drumming explosions, this unique recording was not followed up for a further 20 years and is therefore, a special document in a comprehensive music career.