fetter - hunter / stickie self - meduse magiq - tapes

? - 95333 - eutape - €6.50

Genre: Wave / Pop / Rock

1 Hunter
2 Stickie Self

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Mini-EP featuring the two singles �Hunter� and �Stickie Self� by Amsterdam-based American artist Fetter. Incorporating noisy yet unavoidably danceable textures, Fetter�s latest work reclaims bliss in catastrophe and invites us to find refuge in absurdity through stories of disappearing aircrafts, selfie-deaths, fertile wastelands, and the curiously persistent urge to procreate...

In this latest 2-track EP released on Amsterdam�s Meduse MagiQ label, Fetter takes us along through a foggy, saturated simulation of a post-human moment, sometime a while after selfie-deaths and climate collapse washed us all away. Stumbling but disciplined, distant but persistent, �Hunter� and �Stickie Self� are lovingly vexing as they both prod at and console unresolved longings.