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ratkiller - meltdown of the highest order - porridge bullet - vinyl

PB 016 - 94999 - eu12'' - €16.99

New Copy

Genre: Techno / Electro - Electronics

1 Track 1
2 Track 2
3 Track 3
4 Track 4
5 Track 5
6 Track 6
7 Track 7
8 Track 8
9 Track 9
10 Track 10

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Mihkel Kleis, man behind the Ratkiller moniker, listens to music on the verge of human capacity. And from what he hears, he compiles TOP 500 end of year lists to his friends. Big Tip - incredible talent from Talinn... do not sleep on this taped nightmare.. cult! comes with insert. limited pressing.

While not listening, he is probably making music. His ventures on underground music date back to late 1990s. He started in space-age jazz-rock and prog band formed in art university in Tallinn, Estonia, but has mostly recorded on his own under different aliases , cultivating from black metal to library music. If you look close enough you can get massive box-set of all his recordings with prints by the man himself.

With Ratkiller, Mihkel Kleis started sometime around 2011, trying to catch his idiosyncratic impression of everything that can be called "contemporary electronic club music". Although, as he has said: "I still don't know how it actually should be done. In a way I am like a parrot - I like to imitate but I don't have any clue what I'm saying."

After several tape-releases on labels Rotifer Cassettes, Baba Vanga, ;paranoia and Crash Symbols "Meltdown of the Highest Order" is his first material on vinyl.

PS Mihkel also likes to draw and design his album covers.