reggie dokes - wph ten-5 - we play house recordings - vinyl

WPH TEN-5 - 93855 - eu10'' - €7.99

New Copy

Genre: House

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It�s been some 7 years since Reggie Dokes was last seen & heard on a WPH release, so safe to say this one is long overdue. Our Detroit hero took a bit of a hiatus from music production in recent years, but he is back and has been cooking up some serious heat.

On WPH 004 one of the tracks received a slight edit treatment by FCL and so Red D decided it would be a nice twist to do the same on this one. But seeing as San Soda was globe-trotting again Red D handled the edit duties solo. Which is all academics really, because in the end it�s about Reggie�s unique Detroit sound.

�Transpose� & �Jazz Is My Mistress� will appeal to any adventurous dance music DJ because they cannot be categorized or compared to anything. They are Reggie Dokes tracks and Reggie Dokes tracks are what they are: Reggie Dokes tracks�