ben & sadar's - we are righteous people - rush hour - vinyl

RH-STORE JAMS010 - 93578 - eu12'' - €9.99

New Copy

Genre: Disco

1 We Are Righteous People
2 Bouncing Atoms

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Sadar Bahar & Ben 'Cosmic Force' team up and come correct with these two direct disco jams ... Artwork by Cosmo Knex.. TIPP!

The two tracker arose after Sadar Bahar discovered Ben's Utrecht based studio (housing 60 synths!). Electro fiend Ben was charmed by the electronic elements in Sadar's funk and Sadar loved Ben's ideas. Nuff said, a new NL based project was born. Nothing sampled for these tracks... only stabbing guitar, bass, sax and pounding drum programming for dance floor heat!