shadow - sweet sweet dreams - analog africa - vinyl

AALP 082 - 93509 - eulp - €19.99

New Copy

Genre: Disco

1 Lets Make it Up
2 Lets Get It Together
3 DHardest (Bonus Track)
4 Moon Walking
5 Without Love
6 Way, Way Out

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When it came out in 1984 the far-out album Sweet Sweet Dreams by Trinidad & Tobago's Shadow (aka Winston Bailey) was described as way ahead of its time. Undeservedly it was panned by critics and, unable to reach markets, disappeared into the dusty record collections of a few music aficionados. Now, more than three decades later that cosmic dance-floor UFO is about to take off again, change all that and set the record straight. Remastered reissue with bonus track �D�Hardest� (instead of the track 'Dreaming') with interviews and photo's with Shadow !