dj dez - untitled beats a/b - rootdown records - vinyl

RDR 45003 - 93328 - jpn7' - €13.50

New Copy

Genre: Hip Hop - Instrumentals

1 Untitled Beats A
2 Untitled Beats B

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DJ Dez aka Andr�s returns to Japan's Root Down records for his second 7" on the label. Must have for all soul/hiphop headz - LTD 45..

For those that only know Dez from his Andr�s releases- you are missing a whole other side of what this guy can do. Dez has been scratching, cutting, and chopping beats for the better part of 20 years as a DJ for Slum Village, a member of Detroit's 12 Tech Mob DJ crew, not to mention countless amounts of productions, mixes and beats for other artists. Here on this 7" - we have two rare examples of Dez's inimitable style - raw, funky and timeless!