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vangelis katsoulis - if not now when - utopia - cd

UTA 004CD - 93142 - ukcd - €12.99

Genre: Wave / Pop / Rock - Ambient/Experimental/Esoteric

1 All the Blue Skie
2 Zarrin
3 Grand Delusions
4 Liquidity
5 Take Take Tundum
6 Midsummer Tobago
7 Noir
8 Shhhh
9 Tore
10 The Slipping Beauty Part II
11 If Not Now, When
12 Recapitulation

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The Avant Garde movement largely influenced Katsoulis� early compositions. After which, he turned to minimalism, applying elements of jazz and rock into that genre. Since the 80s, the use of technology became gradually apparent in his compositions, whist not diminishing the importance of the human factor and the creative involvement of the performer.

Today, he is striving for simplicity, trying to express the most, using the least, providing
the context for this release. From the subtle ambience of title track �If Not Now When�, to
the intense and confronting sound on �All The Blue Skies�, Katsoulis and his accompanying musicians deliver a diverse and contemporary work with a level of sophistication that will challenge the current electronic musical landscape. The purity of sound in stand out track �Tore� is juxtaposed by the dark and gritty �Grand Delusions�, a remarkably modern composition which sounds like it has been composed for a Berlin Techno club, from a man we suspect has never been to one. �Slipping Beauties�, the most revered of Katsoulis� back catalogue (recently remixed by Young Marco) is given an organic and intelligent reinterpretation
for 2016. The haunting and provocative vocal performance by Anna Linardou on �Zarrin� leads the record down an even more emotive and provocative path.