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tolouse low trax - decade vol.2/3 - antinote - vinyl

ATN 030-02 - 93030 - eulp - €11.99

New Copy

Genre: Techno / Electro

1 Tolouse Low Trax - Calirough
2 Tolouse Low Trax - Hyroglyph
3 Tolouse Low Trax - Wooden Words
4 Tolouse Low Trax - Monia

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Charted by

Phuong Dan

Further unreleased jams from the great TLT. Delving into the archive .... BIG TIP!

You can trail away with it. It is easy to enter, but hard to drop out. Tolouse Low Trax just needs an MPC, a small Synthesizer set up and some effects to create subliminal hypnotic music trips, driven by dark synthlines and drunken shuffled patterns. �The primitiveness in my music is linked to something simple, and that don�t have to be obligatory minimal. For me it is enough to dance rough around the core. Music you don�t shape till the end contains of a moment of beauty. A veil of secrecy. I work very simply. I rather reduce my possibilities in ompass. Limitations offer lots of liberties.� He reveals about his work ethic. Even if his music sounds darker then any ever experienced night, he mostly produces it in the morning in his highly inspirational studio home. During the dark times of the day Tolouse Low Trax mostly performs live around the globe. Or hangs out in his second home: the Salon Des Amateurs club bar in Dusseldorf, which he once founded and where he held until today two weekly DJ residencies. The moments and atmospheres he inhales during these lightless moments are mirrored in his shadowy music, about which he also confesses: �My art is more a cinematic, literally idea of a large to explore Megacity. This is one of the pictures I would link to my music.� On �???� part one he now offers five sounding visions about that �Megacity�. They listen to mysterious names like �Hidden Flat� or �Studies in Drama�. They are nervous. They have ephemeral pieces of dub, Industrial, wave or Italian library music. And at times strangealienated voice samples dance within his highly addictive arrangements. Words can't express their magic. But one thing is fore sure: his hypnotic dance-not-dance tracks do not only illuminate so-called freaks!