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delroy edwards - hangin' at the beach - l.a. club resource - vinyl

LACR 020LP - 91871 - us2lp - €23.50

New Copy

Genre: Techno / Electro

1 H.A.T.B
2 My Promise
3 Nervous Breakdown
4 Looking For A Fight
5 Safe Places Pt. 1
6 Trigger Kids
7 I Love Sloane
8 Wild Animal
9 Bad Behavior
10 Brothers In Arms
11 Tunnel Vision
12 10th Ave
13 Moscow Girls
14 Soldier Boy
15 Crime Spree
16 Powerhouse
17 Horsing Around
18 Blood Boiled
19 Born Rebels
20 Surf's Up
21 By Myself
22 The Rocker
23 Trouble Nut
24 Numbnuts Hymn
25 Empty Pools
26 Safe Places Pt. 2
27 Bixby
28 Ready To Fight
29 Bubble Up
30 Butterflies

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Really dope 2LP full of lo-fi sounding nuggets - drawing infleunces from all over it seems. Wicked stuff..there's a jam for every mood on here.. Limited Stock!! TIP!

The label say' Delroy Edwards has come a long way. 2012 marked his introduction into the world of Dance Music via Ron Morelli's Imprint LIES. After offering up essential dance floor singles like '4 Club Use Only' and 'Heart and Soul' Edwards' established himself as a producer with a unique touch and style. With a growing desire to control his own output and make a more significant statement, Delroy set off to start his own imprint, L.A. CLUB RESOURCE.

Creatively directing his own imprint became a
platform for him and over the course of two years
L.A.C.R. created one of the most palpable musical
experiences in the field. The label released music in a range of styles from a span of generations, the only constant was the high output and stellar art direction. Many releases produced by the label head himself, Delroy's production were lauded for their piercing simplicity, grace and attitude.

In his first LP for the label, Edwards' has arranged
a sincerely personal moment. The 30-track effort marks a special moment in his growth blending current interests in punk and electronics into an outsider narrative like no other. From Devo to J Dilla the influences across the record are subtle but
respectful. Regardless of influence, Hanging at the
Beach feels unequivocally new. Experiencing the LP
for the first time speaks to the Californian
experience in its full range. Certain moments call to
the beaches of Monterey while others speak to the
sleeze that lines Hollywood Blvd. Edwards doesn't
distance himself from the production style that has
defined him and the label, but this effort is a long
playing collection, a directed, new moment for the
prolific producer.'