sonthaya kalasin - grade a guy - em records - vinyl

EM1156LP - 91709 - jpnlp - €19.99

New Copy

Genre: World - Misc - Thai

1 We Are Harmony
2 Lam Phu Tai of Sorrow
3 Lam Phloen Girl with Pigtails
4 Lam Phloen Hard
5 Factory Girl
6 Lam Phloen Grade A Guy
7 Lam Phloen Dao Dao
8 Lam Phloen Paean to Bangkok
9 Lam Tanwai Promise of Love
10 Lam Phloen Khanmak
11 Lam Doen I Am Here

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Sonthaya Kalasin was the male lead singer in in the molam section of legendary producer/ impresario Surin Paksiri's beloved musical troupe Thidso Lam Phloen. These recordings, the very best of Kalasin's work with Paksiri, cover the period from the mid-70s to the early 80s and showcase Kalasin's mastery of the traditional male molam lower vocal range.

Also highlighted here are Paksiri's production skills and his penchant for pushing the boundaries of standard molam arrangements and instrumentation, always trying to fuse new ideas with tradition. An uncredited Phairin Phonphibun makes an appearance on a few tracks here, giving lucky listeners a glimpse of the singers' Thidso Lam Phloen dynamism: Paksiri's genius, a long-standing backing band, and simpatico vocal styles honed in the crucible of performance. This is the first CD release of any music from Sonthaya's years with Surin Paksiri and as such represent a valuable document, with accompanying English lyric translations; but more than a document, "Grade A Guy" is grade A music.