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v/a - digital zandoli - heavenly sweetness - vinyl

HS153VL - 90615 - eu2lp - €22.50

New Copy

Genre: Latin - Zouk

1 Puzzle Pulsion - Mwoin Ka Songe
2 Pierre Edouard Decimus - Devenn'
3 Ramon Pyrme - Vacance Union
4 Zanman - Poutchi
5 Swanha Desvarieux - Nou Ke Sa Inmew- nou ke sa enmew
6 The Group NSI - Mand Moin On Lajan, Pa Mande Moin Za Fe An Moin
7 OR E.A. - Biguine Inferno
8 Milton - Mizik Nou
9 Selek ta - Flepou'w
10 Meliza - Anrage
11 Acayouman - Si Ou Ladje Moin
12 Eddy Laviny - Indiano

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Charted by

Rush Hour Shop

John Gomez


Wicked compilation. Holds only rare top notch zouk tracks that have never been compiled before. Superb for your tropical dancefloor. Winners only! BIG TIP!

According to the label:
After the success of ��Kout� Jazz��, Heavenly Sweetness comes back with a dancefloor but not jazz compilation, enough to move your feet at through the whole summer ! 13 disco, boogie and Zouk tracks recorded in the 80�s in the West Indies.

The advantage of this selection is precisely that it reveals a broader spectrum than the zouk music style that are badly defined. Most of the tracks, were not much broadcasted even if interpreted by some big names in Caribbean music (Pierre-Edouard Decimus / Patrick St. Eloi / Eddy La Viny). They were too fast classified as Zouk. These Tracks reveal this will of singularity, this merger between traditional and other rhythms genres (funk, disco, afro-beat, Latin Brazilian ...), with the addition of new instruments such as synthesizers and drums machine in the creative process.

In many zouk�s albums, this period often included one or even several, tracks that were qualified as "proto-zouk" and "funky-zouk" or the "boogie-zouk" to emphasize the fusion of genres . But these tracks have remained unknown to the general public because only the "hits" were played on the radio, dance floors (the famous "tan" or �zouk�), clubs and bus.