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vicente barreto - cambaco - goma gringa - vinyl

GGLP-009 - 90579 - bralp - €43.50

New Copy

Genre: Brazil

1 Cambaco
2 Karina
3 Tipo De Conversa
4 Tatarav
5. Boro
6. Sabis
7. Batendo Sabo
8. Herana
9. Jardim Japo
10. Choror
11. Preo De Amanhecer

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Rush Hour Store

After a 10 year hiatus, Vicente Barreto releases Cambaco accompanied by S�o Paulo's vanguard and, reinventing itself, inverts the Mozambican legend of the great lonely old elephant cambaco that, coveted by hunters, isolates himself to die and preserve the rest of the herd.

It had been over ten years since Vicente Barreto has not released a record. How to explain such a long fasting for the partner of names like Tom Z�, Vinicius de Moraes, Paulo C�sar Pinheiro, Gonzaguinha, Chico Cesar and Alceu Valenca?
Resigned in front of such a wide hiatus, Vicente had decided not to return to studio. It made no sense to record to repeat ideas, concepts, proposals and sonorities that he had already introduced in previous records.

After being demoted by his son, guitarist Rafa Barreto, from the retirement idea, Vincent composed a theme - that thought was quite different from what he had done until then - and presented it to Manu Maltez. In one of those supernatural coincidences that sometimes happen in the music universe, the bassist, composer and designer revealed to Vicente the motto, kept for years in his head, and which would fit like a glove to that melody. So appeared the story of Cambaco: in Mozambican Shangaan dialect, the wise old elephant, coveted by hunters, that isolates himself to die and preserve the rest of the herd.

Encouraged by the outcome of the recently created, Vicente rowed other unreleased songs, seeking the same sounding proposal: explore the bass and the most grave regions of his guitar, with cells and shorter melodic phrases.
Subverting cambaco�s legend, instead of isolating himself (and accept the end of his artistic life), the composer was ready to com back, this time with a sound full of freshness, robust, dense, unexpected and frighteningly autobiographical.