ihor tsymbrovsky - come, angel - offen music - vinyl

OFFEN 003 - 89672 - eulp - €17.50

New Copy

Genre: Wave / Pop / Rock

1 Come, Angel
2 Roses For The Poet
3 By the Sea

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Lullabies For Insomniacs

Phuong Dan

Offen Music 003 is a selection of 3 songs from Ihor Tsymbrovsky�s �Прийди Янголе� (Come Angel), cassette album released on Koka Records, Poland, in 1996 (Recorded in 95). Otherworldly music. Full heavy cover, printed inner sleeve & proper mastering. TIP!

(Translated Excerpt)
Come to me, my Angel,
come soaring down� and have a seat� and faint�
I'll see which gender You have.
Will I penetrate a cavity
Or drink a tallow from a fully ripe fruit�
If blood on your lips blazes up
like a sacrificial fire�
�you'll turn white�an Angel�
�I'll down a chalice of her�and become a�
�and you'll faint and return to your fairy tale
a feathered beast
to cherish your wings�

I'll turn into a color of white flesh�
�a grave-man�
�a bone in the beak�
leaving the joy of birds.