a band called flash - s/t - future vision - vinyl

FVW 003 - 89655 - eu12'' - €9.99

New Copy

Genre: House

1 Phantom
2 Starfall
3 Volans
4 E.L.L.A

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Rush Hour Store

The second EP by purveyors of the 'Future Funk' sound, A Band Called Flash. Executive produced by Ron Trent. Recommended!

Created by the inspired young Jared Hines and produced by master minds Ron Trent and Jonesy, this self titled follow up to "Mother Confessor" features four etherial, lush tracks that have a live feel and are equally heavenly.

Inspired by the Jazz Funk elements of UK outfit Atmosfear and the alternative Disco sounds of Dinosaur L, presented here, A Band Called Flash embrace the energy of �live� dance music. Reminiscent of the early 80�s Boogie sound, A Band Called Flash will surely capture the attention of the more eclectic, global dance floor.