t.r.u. - cyber_tex ep - texas recordings underground - vinyl

TRU001 - 89418 - usep - €16.50

New Copy

Genre: Techno / Electro - Electro

1 Cygnus Ft. Monica Lockett - Make The Brain Relax
2 E.R.P. - Tandy Center
3 Vectorvision - Beta Cloud
4 Textasy - Gorgon
5 Cygnus - Pink Lipstick (Feat. Dolly Vicious)

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5 tracks of Electro gold. Some names you have heard before (Cygnus and Convextion in ERP mode for instance) and some newcomers who've have been honing their craft for quite some time now..

T.R.U. - Texas Recordings Underground. A label in the making for quite some time now. With the overwhelming amount of talent here in the Lone Star state, it became apparent a label with the purpose of solely showcasing DJ's and producers from this state was in order. From the border of Mexico all the way up to the panhandle, you will hear LPs and EPs spanning the musical gamut with no concern for seeking specific genres. If it's good, it's good and you'll hear it.