disconnection - bali ha'i - optimo music disco plate 6 - optimo music disco plate - vinyl

OMD 6 - 89199 - eu12'' - €11.50

New Copy

Genre: Disco

1 Bali Ha'i (Radio Mix)
2 Bali Ha'i (US Discomix)
3 Bali Ha'i (UK Discomix)
4 Aaaah

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Originally released on the mighty Y Records in 1982, this one off single by Disconnection was a mutant disco cover version of a song from Rodgers and Hammerstein�s 1949 musical, South Pacific which was made into a blockbuster film in 1958. BIG TIP!!

Long sought after and going for stupid money on Discogs, as a long time Y Records, Optimo has been given permission to make this curiously great record available again and to give it a home in the Optimo Music Disco Plates series.

It is released in the original configuration; Radio Mix, US Discomix and UK Discomix versions alongside the faux exotica delight that is �Aaaah�. It comes in a shrink-wrapped black disco bag with a 12� x 12� insert featuring the original front sleeve artwork.