v/a - bullets number 2 - porridge bullet - vinyl

PB 012 - 88812 - eu12'' - €14.99

New Copy

Genre: Bass - Experimental / Electronic

1 Dima Disk - Casino
2 Ajukaja & Mart Avi - Symmetry of Human Body Jimmy Winkle Waltz
3 Superstar & Star - Looking at The Star & Heavens (Rhythm Doctor youtube remould)
4 Neuronphase - Dissapointed

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Second in the „Bullets“ compilation series comes a selection of eerie dance music. 4 Track EP.. Limited Edition!

Jimmy Winkle, the wizard behind the imaginative soundscapes of the Torquay-based Greta Cottage Workshop Radio, wrings a track out of Ajukaja and Mart Avi’s lost collaboration. Watch out for more Winklemagic on our future pressings! Dima Disk, a rising duo from Tallinn, soothes your soul with some morning techno while „Dissapointed“ by Neuronphase aka Anti Aaver (pillar of Tartu’s underground music for the last 20 years) staggers down on soft pillows. The compilation ends with a revelation. Superstar & Star, a genius yet-to-be-recognized, is a home recording artist and the admin of the wonderful YouTube channel NEVILLE LAWRENCE. Originally from Trinidad & Tobago, he now spends his time in the steamy bars of Omaha, Nebraska. This is the first official release of his work. We are honored to showcase his stunning "Looking at the Stars and Heavens" with customized adjustments by the legendary Tallinn-via-London DJ Rhythm Doctor (Mutant Disco).

"Real narcotic late night juice..." Mosca.

SUPERSTAR & STAR - Teaser from Ivar Murd on Vimeo.