manuel gottsching - joaquin joe claussell meets manuel gottsching - - vinyl

MG.ART 601 - 87082 - eulp - €24.99

New Copy

Genre: Wave / Pop / Rock - Ambient/Experimental/Esoteric

1 Deep(er) Distance (Joaquin Dream version)
2 Ain't No Time For Tears (Sacred Rhythm version)
3 Shuttlecock

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Comes with 2 very rare and first time officially released tribute mixes of 1970's Gottsching Classics, carefully remodeled by Joe Claussell (21.12 minute 'Deeper Distance' plus 10.17 Minute "Ain't No Time For Tears")

The last words, however, are left to MG himself, with 'Shuttlecock', a final eighteen minute excursion, which has Manuel improvise over a soft carpet of delayed bell sounds, before the guitar fades away and the track deepens and thickens, like a dark river sweeping along ever more motives and harmonies. A perfectly balanced collaboration released on both CD and LP. Consisting of 3 concert recordings which were originally released on the 6th CD Album Private Tapes : Tracks 1 und 3 were recorded at Bataclan in Paris, 12/1976, Track 2 in Berlin 8/1979