model 500 - sound of stereo / off to battle - metroplex - vinyl

M 011 - 86912 - us12'' - €12.50

New Copy

Genre: Techno / Electro - Detroit

1 Sound Of Stereo (Revamp)
2 Sound Of Stereo (Inst.)
3 Off To Battle
4 Electric Entourage

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Charted by

Rush Hour Distribution

Rush Hour

Pressed in Detroit. Another monstrous Metroplex essential gets reissued! Late 80s electro funk from Juan Atkins as Model 500. Off To Battle seriously laying down the foundations to what was to come next from exeperimental Detroit. TIP!

- haveing recently re-issued indispensable tracks like "The Chase" and "Night Drive", Metroplex continue to re-release their early classics. Don't miss.