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helena hauff - discreet desires - werkdiscs - vinyl

WDNT014 - 85612 - eu2lp - €21.99

New Copy

Genre: Techno / Electro

1 Tripartite Pact
2 Spur
3 Sworn to Secrecy Part I
4 L'Homme Mort
5 Funereal Morality
6 Piece of Pleasure
7 Tryst
8 Sworn to Secrecy Part II
9 Silver Sand & Boxes of Mould
10 Dreams in Colour

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New full LP it�s the most in-depth summation of the Golden Pudel resident DJ�s improvised one-take machine-funk to date. On the mighty Werkdiscs! TIP!

Making her recording debut just two years ago in 2013, Helena�s first release was a 3-track EP � Actio Reactio - on Actress� Werkdiscs imprint. She has since partnered with PAN (as Black Sites alongside F#x), Lux Rec, Bunker sublabel Panzerkreuz and Texan cassette imprint Handmade Birds to share her overtly analogue excursions into techno�s shadowy fringes, improvised and recorded in her bedroom studio in Hamburg. Fully embracing her love of hardware, Helena joined James Dean Brown�s legendary electronic improv outfit Hypnobeat (founded back in 1983) in 2013, blazing a trail across Europe with their intense polyrhythmic jam sessions on the TB-303, TR-707 and TR-808.

�I have the feeling it�s more one-to-one � you do something and then the machine reacts. The machine has its own mind too, so it gives something back.�

Ten tracks deep, Discreet Desires is the embodiment of Helena�s deep-seated beliefs about music as a radical force and unifying movement. Something that is evident from her growing stature as a selector and her enthusiasm for musical subcultures from punk to nu wave, industrial, krautrock and avant garde electro � all of which were rooted in raw experimentation and existed in polar opposition to the perfect, polished mainstream.

�Perfection is pretty boring. It doesn�t really exist anyway� only in death. Death is perfect.�