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v/a - the best of felito records - colombian gold - vinyl

CG 001 - 83667 - eu2lp - €19.99

New Copy

Genre: Latin - Colombia / Cumbia

1 Manuel y sus Dangers - Rosa Rosalia
2 Conjunto Son San - El Polleron
3 La Niia Emilia - La Penca
4 El Afrocombo - Recuerdos de Cumbia
5 Calixto Ochoa - El Africano
6 Los Alegres del Ritmo - La Olla
7 Miguel Beltran y La Cumbia Moderna de Soledad - El Sapo
8 Emilia Herrera - Empuja Empuja
9 Dolcey Gutierezz - Las Cuatro de la Costa
10 Son Palenque - La Zorrononona
11 Ricardo Mendoza y el Combo los Integros - La Gaita del Negro
12 Lizandro Meza - Baracunatana
13 Petrona Martinez - Raton Bodeguero
14 Calixto Ochoa - El Jardinero
15 La Tromba - La Zafra
16 Los Hermanos Agudelo - Ponle El Coroncoro

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Huge Colombian Felito Records compilation! Includes bonus DVD of the Colombian Gold documentary, which digs deep into the heritage of Colombian music. . Tucked away deep in the heart of Barranquilla�s infamous city center stands the remains of one of the most important record labels of Colombia�s Musica Tropical scene: Felito Records. Selected and dug up and out by Sanjay Agarwal. TIP!

This best of compilation features a blistering set of heavy cuts with deep indigenous undertones expressed in a stellar array of hybrid tropical sounds�. Established in the late 1970s by Don Felix Butron, Felito records became a powerhouse for the recording and preservation of afro indigenous rhythms in Colombia�s Caribbean coast. From its conception to its heydays in the 1980s and �90s, Felito Records produced and recorded some of the most prolific music at the time, pioneering a new and innovative sound that captured the rich diversity existing in Colombia�s Caribbean region.

Oro Colombiano: 400 a�os de musica del alma Preview Teaser from Agarwal on Vimeo.