nsdos - female guest list - clekclekboom recordings - vinyl

CCB 12019 - 83451 - eu12'' - €9.99

New Copy

Genre: Techno / Electro

1 Christine 2
2 Yuko
3 Dona J Haraway
4 Sienna
5 Eliane
6 Fa

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NSDOS is back with some new toys from outer space - on this EP we hear six figments of his twisted imagination, caught live ....

On this very dense and captivating EP, Kirikoo Des goes back to the 90's with some cut up electronica flair ("Christine +2", "Dona J Haraway") reminiscing Oval's work or some experimental Shake Shakir tunes. The longest tracks though feels closer to a club from the future with some eerie pads ("Fa") and liquid rhythms patterns typical of the NSDOS touch we love ("Yuko"). Overall this EP is a much cerebral effort and yet still keeps a vibrant and gorgeous organic side to it. Demanding the full attention of the listener, the reward in the end is a total bliss taking us in a deep dimension. "Space is the place" as the master Sun Ra once said!