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sumy - tryin to survive - rush hour rss - cd

RH RSS 13 CD - 83042 - eucd - €13.50

Genre: Funk / Soul - Suriname

1 Sumy Funk Force
2 Where Were You Last Night (Sexy Lady)
3 Soul With Milk
4 Bitch, We Danced A Lot
5 Escape From The Earth
6 Goodthingman
7 Marriage
8 Milk-Mix
9 Escape With Me
10 Going Insane (Bonus track)
11 Funkin In Your Mind (Bonus track)

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CD version! Limited! press of this Surinamese cult funk album!

With an estimated 500.000 inhabitants, Surinam has always had a lively music scene. Although the country is little known internationally, it has a very strong influence on the Netherlands, where many Surinamese people live. Music from Surinam is mainly known for its kaseko (which evolved out of the traditional kawina music) and soul music, but the Surinamese have also been active in other genres such as pop, funk & jazz.

Between 1976 and 1983, Surinam had a lively soul scene, with the output varying from eccentric soul tracks to more uptempo disco and boogie cross-overs. Nowadays, these tracks are becoming increasingly rare and hard to find. Kindred Spirits' compilation �Surinam! Boogie & Disco Funk From The Surinamese Dancefloor �76 � �83� gave a proper introduction to these hidden gems and included the tune "Soul With Milk", from Sumy�s �Tryin To Survive� LP.

Rush Hour now continues its uncovering mission by making this 80s boogie and disco-funk album available again to a wider audience. "Tryin To Survive" is truly one of a kind... Expect a-typical pounding rhythms, striking guitars, and stabbing keyboards and synths.

After "Trying To Survive", the digging efforts continue... More Surinamese funk tracks will hit the surface, as we dig deeper in the vaults. Another "Surinam!" compilation is currently in the making, and will be released somewhere in 2016...