momentform - grave - lux rec - vinyl

LXRC22 - 81206 - eu12'' - €9.99

New Copy

Genre: Wave / Pop / Rock - Wave

1 Monday
2 Concorde
3 Class
4 Same
5 Obsolete

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And so Lux Rec continue to reach out for all those ephemeral, eery noises which are so dear to them. Unlit corners on half emptied dance floors. Give in to suffer, loss and sadness. Embrace it. Believe...

Lux Rec's first record for 2015 is a dark and moody affair coming from Momentform, a French musician that has no fear to plunge into obscurity, melancholy, a somber look into memories that are too painful to forget. Yet, he transformed all those postcards from the past into listening and dance material. Our last dance together. Turn off the lights when leaving.