jean nipon - nice seeing you ep - clekclekboom recordings - vinyl

CCB 12016 - 78985 - eu12" - €9.99

New Copy

Genre: Techno / Electro

1 Eerie ll
2 Daydream Nation
3 I Ow You So Much
4 Up North

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DJ, producer, all-round music connoisseur and entertainer, Jean Nipon, drops a dope new EP on ClekClekBoom after his first effort for the label released in late 2012....TIP!

This is a brand new sound for him and quite a big move from the functional future bass aesthetics he then designed. The "Nice Seeing You" EP is all about unfossilized beats, shady, reminiscent vibrations from an entirely fictional past and a taste for used-ness and aging when it comes to textures. Shaky drums and hi hats sound as if they'd been cured in ancient jars and keyboards work like lo-fi, mystical instruments from electronic primitive tribes. These are four house grooves that you can dance to, but not just only in a club as well as in a inner space of yours, in some place dedicated to uplifting melancholy and ecstatic introspection. This moves in a different way that most of the dance music you hear these days, since it's both oblique and not focussed on the effect it's supposed to generate. Four touching tracks from someone who likes his house deep, remote and brittle.