danny krivit - music speaks louder than words shirt (charcoal ) + cd - 101 apparel - clothing

101 APPAREL DANNY KRIVIT - 78347 - usshirts - €15.00

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Mix CD and shirt from this oldschool NY DJ, producer, collecor & editer!

Danny Krivit, about as New York as they come. Growing up in NYC�s
Greenwich Village in the 1960�s, mother, a Jazz singer, & Father, Chet Baker�s manager. Boyhood friend of Nile Rogers, The Mothers of Invention living just down the hall, & at a very early age meeting a cross section of musical legends like Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Charles Mingus, John Lennon & Yoko Ono. His early �Love Is The Message� �Edit By Mr K�, along with hundreds of others help to secure his tittle as the godfather of the current re�edits movement. When Danny is not touring the world, he�s also 1/3 of the famed NYC party �Body & Soul�, along with celebrating, now 10 years of his own 718 SESSIONS parties (Time Out �Best Party Of NYC).

�I�ve always felt music has a much larger voice then just the words of a song. Like in a movie, the way a great soundtrack moment lifts the meaning of what is being said, I feel like music at it�s best speaks louder then words, deeply touching your soul & striking emotions. I especially love the musicianship & arrangements of 70�s soul & disco... again, it speaks to you with a depth. When I started out, most good DJ�s played records that talked to you & all together took you on a journey, hope you enjoy this little journey.� -